A Palestinian family-business serving both residents of Jerusalem & visitors for over 6 generations. With the experience of their forefathers and the latest technology, Isaac & Jacob are proud to provide a wide collection of the latest skin and body care products for the entire family. Ambianze is proud to be a part of their journey to share their story through business & strategy development, digital platforms and digital marketing techniques.

Partners since 2012.


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123 Main Street
Atlanta, Ga 30312
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+1 (123) 555-5555
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Authentic Spices

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Sumac Spice (100gm)
Jerusalem Mix Spice (100gm)
Zaatar (100gm)
Salad Spice (100gm)

Health & Wellness

Weight Loss Tea
Diabetes Tea
Asthma, Cough, Phlegm Tea
Jump Start Active Honey Boost
Enriched Honey
Wild Flowers Honey & Ziziphus Honey


Great product
This is why I keep ordering it! I have been told my skin looks great! As long as I can I will keep getting it!”

— Roxanne H. (verified Sea of Herbs customer)
It’s the purest Argan oil
It’s the purest Argan oil on the market, smells great and makes the hair and skin look amazing”

— Alenka A. (verified Sea of Herbs customer)
Jerusalem Mix Spice
Use it on everything I grill or roast, it’s great. Thank you”

— Rosemarie D. (verified Sea of Herbs customer)


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